terça-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2010

Charlie Haden com Shirley Horn, as palavras do Nat

'm gonna laugh you right out of my life,
Laugh, and forget this affair
Guess I was foolish
To care.

So I'm gonna dance you right out of my dreams,
Try to be carefree and gay
I guess I'll learn to play
The part.

'Cause when our friends begin that
Heartless rumor,
I know I'll really need my
Sense of humor.

I'm gonna laugh you right out of my life,
Make it a beautiful joke.
No one will know you broke
My heart.

But if I find you and I
Really meant that last goodbye,
Then I'm gonna laugh so hard,
I'll cry.


2 comentários:

fj disse...

isto é muito bonito, é sim senhora!

cs disse...

eu gosto muito também, fj. E gosto destas palavras ditas desta maneira.